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Nora Will Get Over It in Time

Found April 1867, off the west coast of Africa.

In a bottle:

Ship Dover Castle, Jan. 13, 1867.
Mr Alfred Dawes begs to inform his friends, at 23, East Cliff, Dover, that the ship is about to go down; he begs that his friends will pay all his bills, and trusts that Nora will get over it in time. The ship is two days’ sail from the Line, outward bound. Anybody who gets this will oblige Mr. Dawes by putting it in The Times newspaper. And now as I have not much longer to live, believe me yours, A. DAWES.

The message was picked up from the sea by Kroomen (West Africans recruited into the British Royal Navy) and passed via George Blackshaw at the Company of African Merchants’ Factory in Liberia to the Times in London.

[The Times, 3 June 1867]