Shipwrecked On Sandbank

Found February 1878, in a burn near the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

In a bottle:

Annaberga, of Plymouth. December 11th, 1877. Andrew Raine, Joseph Malley and Jules Kahm, survivors. Shipwrecked on sandbank. May God have mercy on our souls.

Even the location at which this message was found is a mystery. According to the Sheffield Independent, the message was picked up “in the Parkburn Forth”. The Sheffield Daily Telegraph said it was washed up “at Parkburn, Forth”. Other newspapers stated the location was “near Dunfermline”. Parkburn does not appear on maps, but it was most likely a burn or small river near to the Firth of Forth. Confusingly, some newspapers said the name of the vessel was Annaborga not Annaberga, the home port was Liverpool not Plymouth, and the survivors’ names were Andrew Paine, Joseph Dally and Jules Kupin. Unsurprisingly, no further record of the vessel or its crew could be found.

[Sheffield Independent and Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 4 February 1878]

Author: Paul Brown

Writes about football and history. Four Four Two, When Saturday Comes, The Blizzard, The Guardian etc. Latest book: The Ruhleben Football Association. Twitter: @paulbrownUK

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