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I Expect My Turn Will Come Next

Found 17 June 1889, near Gananoque, Ontario.

In a bottle:

Captain of the Bavaria; help, the ship is sinking; all have been washed overboard but me. I expect my turn will come next. About 100 yards off Galoup [sic] Island, Lake Ontario.

The Bavaria was caught in a tremendous gale on Lake Ontario on 29 May 1889. It was on tow behind a steam barge with two other lumber schooners when its line sheared, and it was swept away at the mercy of the storm. The other boats survived, but the Bavaria did not. A witness later reported seeing the Bavaria’s Captain John Marshall clinging to the bottom of a capsized yawl, and another sailor clinging to timber, but the witness could offer no assistance. After the storm subsided, the Bavaria was found at Galloo Island, waterlogged but intact and upright. All eight crewmembers were missing and never recovered. John Marshall was married, and from Williamsville, Ontario. He was described as a brave and efficient sailor.

[New York Times, 18 June 1889]


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